MS Outlook Buddies
Episode Count 0
Short Count 1
Game Count 0
Country of Origin United States of America
Premiere July 4, 2015
Created by Nathanael Cameron, Jr.
Directed by Nathanael Cameron, Jr.

MS Outlook Buddies (which had the title The MS Outlook Buddies before) is the third symbol font series created by Nathanael Cameron, Jr., who is also known as Natty23, LeroyCam, and more.


  • This is the only symbol font series made by Natty23 to have colored outlines, although the idea was suggested by someone almost a year after he started working on this series, so it also took just as long for the idea to take place. As a result, The Birthday Cake Fireworks, the only animation for the series that was released before color outlines were used lacked them.