Gender Female
Friends Key (sometimes), Bell (sometimes), Paperclip
Enemies Key (sometimes), Bell (most of the time)
Number of Incidents 0
Number of Deaths 0
First Appearance The Birthday Cake Fireworks
Latest Appearance The Birthday Cake Fireworks

Ring is one of the 12 main characters in the MS Outlook Buddies series.


Ring is a good friend of Key. Well, as long as there isn't a beauty contest going on. In contests, they aren't so nice to each other. Bell sometimes joins the contests as well, but she's omitted from most contests because both Ring and Key hate it when she rings mainly due to the fact that it annoys them and it's loud. However, when she plays her "reminder sound" as she calls it to notify Ring and Key about contests (but not all), she becomes part of the contest as well and the two don't show so much hate for Bell. If Bell doesn't remind them about contests, then Paperclip sure will by ringing their doorbells to notify them about the beauty contest.

List of Deaths and IncidentsEdit



  • Out of all the names of the characters, Ring was the only one that never had another viable name. This is because Microsoft confirmed this name as well.